Fight Gym Albury has been offering boxing for fitness classes in Albury since 2009.
We have always tried to challenge our clients in a fun, friendly and supportive with the right amount of sweat and hard work.
If you want to learn some get fit, gain confidence and train with great people the come and check out Fight Gym Albury!

Rob Sharpe


Rob has worked in the fitness and recreation industry for over 20 years. Rob is a qualified and experienced personal trainer who has studied boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai. 

Rob is also a keen trail runner and mountain biker.

"Excuses or results...
you can't have both!"

Danielle Miller


Danielle has runs classes with loud music, high energy & higher intensity!

She loves helping you push your limits. 

Danielle resistance trains between Fight Gym classes and is a Mum to 3 beautiful girls

“There is no fitness like Fight Gym fitness. Get ready to discover what 10-1 really means!"

Ray Miller


Ray is a qualified personal trainer with professional boxing trainers accreditation. 


Ray has been instructing at Fight Gym Albury for over 7 years runs classes with simple boxing combinations, movement and cardio.

"Training is hard. Training hurts. Training makes a better you!"